PRESS RELEASE Naples, Florida


IFPO announces Support of the Thin Purple Line

The IFPO Board of Directors made a resolution and approved to adapt the THIN PURPLE LINE as a symbol of the Private Security Officer’s dedication to the protection of people, places and assets.

This designation will serve as the official color that represents the security profession for those working in the public and private sectors. The “Thin Purple Line” would be used to show routine support for security professionals as well as to be used to memorialize security professionals who are killed in the line of duty.

Not only do security professionals need this identity, but security professionals having their own official color would build professional pride and public awareness over time. After hours of research, the IFPO determined the best color of purple for this is Velvet Purple [Pantone 2612]. 

In the coming weeks, the IFPO will show on its website the appropriate display of the Thin Purple line with its logo.

The International Foundation for Protection Officers is committed to the support and professional development of protection officers and supervisors. Through advocacy, promoting training standards, and providing accessible training, education and certification opportunities, we seek to enhance their professional standing as well as increase and diversify the value of the vital services they provide.