Read below to see some of the great feedback we have received about the IFPO and our programs:

“We have offered the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) designation to our students through the International Foundation for Protection Officers since 1998.  We were also the first high school in the United States to offer this program!

The course material is a natural fit within our curriculum and has greatly enhanced the Criminal Justice class since its inception. Much of the subject matter covers both the private and public aspects students need to know to be successful in this field.  Colleges in our area have also seen the benefits of our students and even offer additional college credits, within our articulation agreements to students that earn the CPO certification after they graduate. 

Not only has the CPO test been approved as our final Technical Assessment; the students also gain the benefits of a higher level of training at no cost to them, confidence in their skills, and an internationally recognized title.  Many other Career and Technical Education programs in NYS have also adopted this program and their students continue to benefit from it as well.

"OMG! I have received my plaque and certificate in the mail from IFPO! I am so excited and proud to be a member of the organization! It truly is an honor to be a member! I am working on my business plan for my start mysecurity company which will service local residential and commercial properties— expected to be fully operational by Fall 2023. The plaque and certificate will look great on my office wall! Thank you, again, so much for this honor!

~Jasmine M. Mack

"I am very happy to have had the ability to undertake the CSSM course. I also appreciate your professionalism in working through the challenges of the pandemic with me. It has taken me a great many years to find the time to sit down and start to certify my experiences due to ongoing work situations and my ever-changing career. While it has been a challenge, I am happy to have been lucky enough to work with the IFPO to certify.

~Hunter Kersey CD, CSSM- Lead Security Officer Bridging North America- Gordie Howe International Bridge Project; Windsor, Ontario/ Detroit, Michigan

"IFPO presented a wonderful course and has a plethora of information and topics that I believe are very relevant to both newcomers and seasoned veterans to the security industry. I would like to begin offering this course to our tenured personnel. Thank you again for the opportunity to take the course and personally experience the training value that it presents.

~Brandon Shafikhani, PPS

"I also wanted to end with some comments on the other training offered by IFPO.  I picked IFPO because of the self-paced, on-line, long distance training, that is specific to the entry level, intermediate and beyond levels Protection Officer.  To be able to learn and then apply these skills really helps keep my mind and attitude sharp for performing my job and I look forward to continuing with the different training available to me after the CPO process is completed through IFPO.”

~Charles Bailey

"I strenuously recommend the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) and Supervision in Security Management Program (SSMP) courses of the International Foundation for Protection Officers (taken in that order), including to those who are aspiring for the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation of ASIS International. While I had several prior years of hands-on security oversight experience worldwide, those courses crystallized my knowledge of security concepts, practices, and principles and I credit them for helping me pass the rigorous CPP exam.”

~Edward John Oliveros Rodriguez, CPA, CFE, CPP, CSSM, CPO

"Thank you to the IFPO for all your continued support with the educational community!”

~David N. Foldi, CPP-CPOI
Criminal Justice Studies Instructor
Past President - Albany Chapter ASIS & CJS/TECI
Saratoga Springs, NY

"Thank you, it is great to be a part of the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) membership! It is a honor to be a part of a professional organization, we value our membership in IFPO and look forward to the future where we hope to see all of Crane Currency's Security Professional attain IFPO certifications!"

~Lysander Bone, CPP, CSP
Security Manager - Crane Currency
Dalton, MA - USA

"I just wanted to email you and say thanks to all the staff at IFPO. I think I managed to email every single one of them (some multiple times) this week, as well as calling in with questions. Working with IFPO and your staff has simply been a pleasure. They were patient, helpful, and responsive. Thanks so much for running such a professional organization and one of which I am proud to be a member"


"I hope you will be well and happy. I am doing good as well. First of all I would like to say thank you so much for the remarkable services for IFPO. The great source of knowledge and high level of professionalism are the greatest assets of a well versed security professional.”

~Qazi Khan, CPO.
Sentinel Protection Services, Calgary AB.

"I just wanted to provide some feedback on the CPO program and the outstanding level of support provided by yourself and the IFPO Team.

I have been involved in physical security planning, asset protection, interviewing, investigations, leadership, risk management and emergency management for over 25 years and am thoroughly impressed with the content and material covered in the CPO program.  I have used your program as a baseline to qualify several members of my security staff, and this process is not only a benefit for them to increase their own level of proficiency and professional development, but it is also an asset to the organization to have people trained and certified to an Internationally recognized professional certification.

The CPO program is firing on all the right cylinders and is easily adaptable to any environment since the majority of the principles are universal.

Thank you again for the excellent support and the continued efforts of you and your team to keep the program running."

~ S.K. Waller (Steve), BA(Hons), MSc, CD1, CPO
Captain (Retired) Canadian Armed Forces
International Staff - NATO HQ

" I would like to announce proudly that i have passed the CERTIFIED PROTECTION PROFESSIONAL (CPP) exam today.

The subject in POA of ASIS is much similar to CPO with added topics in depth. this helped me in my study and i  am able to clear this with 3 months of POA study.

Thank you for your assistanse"

~ Arjun Alladi, CPP, CPO
Hyderabad, India

"In January 2013, I earned the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) certification. This was within three weeks of graduating from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. Since then I’ve viewed the certification and my ungraduated degree as complimentary parts to a larger educational background of knowledge. Further, both programs have provided a broader depth of understanding and application towards each other in a field that is in constant transformation.

The Certified Protection Officer certification has benefited my professional career in two ways that has been tested many times over. Being a CPO has allowed me to distinguish myself from other candidates in a field that is heavily saturated with Criminal Justice degrees. The CPO allows me to speak with authority from a background of confident knowledge to potential employers during interviews where scenarios are presented which reveal personal character, ethical understanding and an extended knowledge base. Essentially, the certification has served as a figurative compass in not only marketing myself but also understanding the right employment opportunity when presented.

The saying goes, “to whom much is given, much is expected”. In applying this principle to being a CPO, I have been given more responsibility and have been afforded the opportunity to accept employment positions that require greater expectations. In a sense, the CPO program created a ripple effect on my career by being able to stand out of the crowd, accepting greater positions of authority and then advancing in my professional life. Without sounding overly redundant, being a CPO has literally opened doors for me that otherwise would never have been possible."

~ Eric S. 

"I just wanted to let you know that on Friday, February 19th I passed my CPP exam! Thanks to the CPO, CSSM and CPOI Programs that I participated in, they helped me to be prepared." 

 ~ Lonnie Muhammad
CPOI Edison, NJ

"Finally there's a security training program for the working person who is not in a management position." 

~ Phillip I. Palmar
Parma Community General Hospital
Parma, Ohio

"With the CPO designation, I now walk tall and speak with a high degree of authority on security officer issues both in the private and public sectors. Top police officers marvel at the depth of my professional knowledge."

Biyi Adegoroye, CPO
Editor Nigerian National Mirror
Lagos Nigeria

"The material was really clear and understandable. I would surely like to promote the IFPO on the islands of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba." 

~ Carson Gomez, Police Lieutenant
Dept. of Protective Services
Netherlands Antilles Police Force

"I have found the SSMP Course very beneficial in my day-to-day duties as sergeant in a busy security guard department. The SSMP Course has facilitated better communication between my supervisor and myself. " 

St. Kris A. Highballing
Patellae Co., Ohio

"I really recommend this course to anyone who is in search of a class on security training. The study guide is comprehensive and the references mentioned in each chapter make self-education really easy."

~ Renault dholes Tyco
ADT Belgium

"Sections on behavior, investigative techniques, and equipment are highly relevant." 

~Herrick Modeler
DHL Denmark

"The CPO program has given me wider insight into the security officer profession. The textbook is very readable".  

~ Jan Colander
DHL Sweden

"Your Certified Security Supervisor and Certified Protection Officer courses provided me with a condensed and comprehensive training. Gave me just the confidence and jump start I needed! 

~Glen Hag er, CPP, CPO, CSS
IBM Security Administrator
Lexington, KY.

"The CPO training course showed me how much I still had to learn, including issues of human behavior and the history of security guard work. I gained a lot of useful knowledge from challenging and detailed technical sections." 

~Millar Co ira
DHL Spain

"I've done everything from basic door rattler security guard to director of corporate security training and I really value the professional certification process that you are putting into place." 

~ Kim Savvy
Charlemagne Inc.
Everett, WA

"The concept of Certified Protection Officer could revolutionize our industry. I salute your consistency and progressive attitude." 

~ David A. Kirby
Security Officer
Vancouver, B.C.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working each chapter. My basic security knowledge is much stronger and I am looking forward to the final exam for certification as a Protection Officer. "

~ Kyle N. Cora, Sr., CPO
Security Supervisor
Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace

"Good quality, interesting articles that are written for the security officer (I mean the guy or gal out there walking the beat). "

Stephen K. Hartley
Security Officer
Seattle, Washington

"I'm very glad with the involvement( s ) of IFPO Europe by means of European Security Academy and the Teacher - Instructors Joop Verdonk and Peter Olijslager and IFPO International, in this "International European Endeavour" for this is truly a joining of both worlds. Moreover it's great to do all this with the consent of IFPO International. Thank you all." 

Raimond A. M. Pronk,  CMAS CPO( I ) CPP RSE
Operational Manager,  Airport Security Safety and Support
Rotterdam The Hague Airport