In an effort  for the International Foundation for Protection Officers to achieve their objectives and goals, the Board of Directors strongly believe in building Strategic Partnerships.

By mutually supporting organizations, associations and alike we believe we can achieve greater results. Below is a list of our Strategic Partnerships:

    • CAPSI
      Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) - The preeminent organization for security professionals made its unpretentious beginning in 2005 and has emerged as an "elite association".
    • Defencify
      Defencify offers interactive, online courses with today’s security employees in mind. Course content is accessible 24/7. Lessons can be completed at the student’s pace. Training concepts are presented in short, stimulating bursts so that information is digested and remembered easily.
    • Friends of Chuck
      Friends of Chuck is a professional security network group that exists for the purposes of networking, locating employment, exchanging business opportunities, discovering new emerging security technologies and sharing information important to FOC members and their companies or organizations.
    • Law & Public Safety Education Network
      LAPSEN is set up to serve the needs of secondary schools that have career programs in the career areas of law, law enforcement, corrections, Fire services, security and related fields such as emergency services, emergency dispatch, cybersecurity, and forensics.
    • International Security Driver Association
    • ISDA and its experienced members offer tools and services for those interested in obtaining a job or starting a career in the Executive Protection/Secure Transportation profession. We share advice, job trends, and career information.
    • Human Investigation Management
      HIM case-studies Criminology, Security & Risk because, these faculties specialize in the study of crime in general and handling life impacting or life & death situations.
    • International Security Industry Organization
      The International Security Industry Organization is a trade organization for the security industry world-wide.
    • Purdue University Global
      Purdue University Global brings over 75 years of global learning to provide your organization with superior learning outcomes.
    • Smart Horizons
      Smart Horizons is an online education provider and software development company that is changing the face of online learning, employee performance evaluations, and dispatch emergency response on a global level.
    • International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection
      The IFCPP trains and supports professionals who protect and manage cultural, educational, and public institutions worldwide.
    • ASIS International
      ASIS International is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that address broad security interests. (More Info)
    • Independent Security Advisors, Dignitary Security Specialists
      The ISA is devoted to providing consulting, training, and other services on matters of national security & terrorism, extremism, domestic violence, and executive or diplomatic protection.

If you are interested or believe that your organization might have a mutual vision, please contact:

Sandi Davies
Executive Director
International Foundation for Protection Officers