Security Officer Accessories & Products

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IFPO Membership Wall Plaque (View Sample) $65.00
IFPO Membership Coffee Mug $20.00
IFPO Membership Physical Certificate $7.00
IFPO Membership Lapel Pin (View Sample) $7.00

Certified Protection Officer

CPO Wall Plaque (View Sample) $65.00
CPO Coffee Mug $20.00
CPO Physical Certificate $7.00
CPO Lapel Pin (View Sample) $7.00

Certified in Security Supervision & Management

CSSM Wall Plaque (View Sample) $65.00
CSSM Coffee Mug $20.00
CSSM Physical Certificate $7.00
CSSM Lapel Pin (View Sample) $7.00

Certified Protection Officer Instructor

CPOI Wall Plaque (View Sample) $65.00
CPOI Coffee Mug $20.00
CPOI Physical Certificate $7.00
CPOI Lapel Pin (View Sample) $7.00

Other Products

IFPO Ball Cap (Samples: Front | Back) $20.00