Benefits of Education & Professional Training

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is dedicated to providing meaningful and cost effective security training for security guards and protection officers. We believe that education is a necessary and essential part of professional security training and the security officer’s background. IFPO serves individuals, security companies, and organizations that have their own private security staff. Our students and members benefit from the recognition and standing that the prestigious IFPO certification conveys.

Whether you are an Individual or Employer, there are various benefits of educational training and IFPO certification for you. Scan the QR code below to learn more!

  • Enter one of the fastest growing and exciting industries
  • Improved skills and knowledge
  • Improved job performance
  • Advance your potential and career
  • Enhanced career potential
  • Tangible proof of education
  • Yardstick to measure knowledge
  • Lower Attrition
  • Liability avoidance strategy
  • Safer work environment/facility