ASIS International awards re-certification credits for successful completion of the following IFPO programs:

  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO)
  • Certified In Security Supervision And Management Program (CSSM)

Proctor Qualifications Information

Program candidates must identify and secure a qualified individual to serve as an exam Proctor. The Exam Proctor will oversee the examination process ensuring the highest level of integrity and honesty is maintained throughout this process.

To qualify as a proctor, the individual must meet one of the qualifications listed below.

  • Supervisor
  • General Manager
  • President/Vice-President or Officer of an organization or company
  • Certified Security Trainer
  • Military testing site
  • Military Educational Officer
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Member of a Professional Security Association
  • Member of a recognized Policing Organization
  • Librarian
  • Dean, Academic Department Head, or Official Testing Service of an Accredited University or College
  • Certified Protection Professional
  • Certified Protection Officer
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Loss Prevention Certified (LPC)
  • Human Resource Officer
  • Corporate Instructor
  • Staff Development Officer
  • Member of the Clergy
  • University/College Faculty Member
  • Official Learning/Tutoring Centers
  • Other (specify):_________________________ must receive permission

Often a proctor may be identified/selected from within the candidate's place of employment. If necessary, IFPO will assist an individual in locating a suitable proctor. If for any reason your proctor is unable to fulfill his/her proctoring duties, you may contact IFPO to arrange for a proctor replacement or substitution.

Note: Individuals not eligible to participate as a proctor regardless of position/title, include personal relatives or friends and anyone whose personal association with the candidate is clearly biased and may compromise the integrity of the proctored examination.

Click Here for the Proctor Application (PDF).


Should the situation warrant a Remote Proctor, the following additional guidelines apply:

  • Date, Time, and Locations of both the Proctor and the Candidate must be submitted to the IFPO prior to the testing date for Remote Proctor approval.
  • A Remote Proctor must agree to monitor the candidate through web camera (Zoom, Team Mtgs, etc.) during the ENTIRE DURATION of the Final Examination (up to four hours).
  • A Screen Shot from the Proctor’s webcam/computer indicating beginning time of exam, as well as a screen shot during any breaks taken by the candidate, and a screen shot when the candidate completes the final exam. These screen shots must be submitted via email by the proctor, along with a digitally signed Proctor Verification Form. The submissions are the final step in the candidate’s CPO certification program and must be received and approved to complete the CPO certification process.