Dr. Michael Aboud, Chairman, Amalgamated Security Services

Bill Zalud Memorial Award for Professional Excellence Award Recipient and Honorable Mention Recipient Announced


Naples, Florida – November 5th, 2017 – The International Foundation for Protection Officers and Security Magazine announce the inaugural award recipients of the Bill Zalud Memorial Award for Professional Excellence.

Award Recipient:

Amalgamated Security Service Limited from Macoya, Trinidad

Award Honorable Mention:

SecTek, Inc. from Reston, VA


Each year, one security professional or an organization is recognized for professional excellence and/or outstanding service/acts in the security profession by the International Foundation for Protection Officers.  The selected individual or organization will be the recipient of the ‘Bill Zalud Memorial Award for Professional Excellence.’  Executive Director Sandi Davies said “the nominations submitted were all outstanding supporters of professional excellence.”

Amalgamated Security Services Limited have been huge proponents of professional excellence over the last several decades.  This agency, which employs on average 3,500 individuals, is committed to providing all levels of education to their employees.

SecTek, Inc. is also very committed to making available educational opportunities to its employees.  Ms. Davies said that initially Senior Vice President Ann Trinca kicked off her program initiative with the IFPO by enrolling and successfully passing the programs herself.  Ms.  Davies recalled  a statement once made by Ms. Trinca who said, “It was clear from the beginning the IFPO certifications presented an excellent professional development opportunity for SecTek’s security officers.”

Both these organizations will be featured in an upcoming issue of Security Magazine.  Additionally, the IFPO will host a very special place for them on the IFPO website.  Achievement plaques will be presented as well as complimentary annual IFPO Corporate Memberships.

Plans are already underway for the 2nd Annual Award.  Nomination applications will be available on the IFPO website by March 1st, 2018.  Deadline will be October 31st, 2018.

In conclusion, Ms. Davies said “We are very proud to have had Bill serve on the IFPO Board for more than a decade  His long and outstanding service to our organization made a significant difference.  Bill had given strategic direction and vision to the Foundation.  As an industry insider, his leadership was instrumental in making the Foundation the success it is today.”

ABOUT BILL ZALUD:  Bill served in the US Army for many years.  In 1987, Bill became the editor of SECURITY MAGAZINE and SDM Magazine. He spent over three decades covering and shaping the security industry.  His knowledge of the industry, his readers, the advertisers of the publications and their products and services brought great value to his contributions.  

In 2009 Bill became the Editor emeritus working with Editor Diane Ritchey.  He continued to do research, writing insightful articles, columns and blogs.  He wrote the Zalud Report, a popular column about technology and industry trends, up until a few years ago.  The archives of his column are available online at securitymagazine.com.



Mission Statement:  The International Foundation for Protection Officer is committed to the support and professional development of protection officers.  Through advocacy; promoting training standards; and providing accessible training, education and certification opportunities; we seek to enhance the professional standing of protection officers, as well as increase and diversify the value of the vital services they provide.

Vision Statement:  Commitment to Excellence:  To become the recognized center of excellence for providing educational and training products and services to the security industry.