The recent Global Security Exchange 2022 (GSX2022) in Atlanta, GA, provided an opportunity for networking between the the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) and some of its strategic partners in Canada.

Pictured from left to right are Hamid Anisi, CESP, President, Paradigm Professional Institute (PPI); Holly Cox, Manager, Public Safety and Well-Being, Wilfrid Laurier University; IFPO CEO Sandi Davies and Dave Solis, CESP, Director of Education and Business Strategies, Paradigm Professional Institute.

The meet-up provided the backdrop for a coalescing of ideas, out of which future endeavors could percolate.

The first endeavor was launched recently as the IFPO partnered with Toronto-based Paradigm to offer its members advanced continuing education courses.

As a global leader in professional security education, the IFPO is constantly developing new relationships with other organizations around the world, with the primary goal of providing the most expansive and comprehensive curriculum possible for its members.

Paradigm is such an organization, as since 1998, it has adopted a holistic, Canada-centric security education model. PPI's courses are effectively a continuation of the solid foundation the IFPO provides with its courses.

The result of the partnership is that PPI's courses -- Security Management Certification (SMC), Accredited Enterprise Security Manager (AESM) and Certified Enterprise Security Professional (CESP) -- are being offered to IFPO members at a 20% discount.