Security Education and Research Archives

The Foundation maintains this online library as an information sharing resource for researchers, students, and practitioners. We encourage submission of current research material. Original research is preferred.  Papers should be in APA documentation style and submitted to Christopher A. Hertig, CPP, CPOI, Editor at

Some of this material has been previously published in Protection News or in academic journals.

Other papers have won awards in competitions such as the ASIS International Student Paper Competition.

Student submissions must first receive the endorsement of a faculty member and be submitted through that faculty member.


  • To promote Security Education of Foundation members, security practitioners, police, military, government and media folks
  • To support research in Security via public access to scholarly papers
  • To support research in Security via public access to scholarly journals via links
  • To initiate and enhance communication between the Foundation and media professionals/editors/reporters
  • To better facilitate and enhance IFPO relations with institutions of higher education
  • To serve as an outreach to publishers of textbooks and professional books
  • To serve as a Security Research Clearinghouse