IFPO Now Has Coaches & Mentors Available!

IFPO is now proud to announce our Mentoring Program. This isn't just a tutoring program: It's a relationship between a mentor and student.

Through this one-on-one mentoring relationship, students will receive support and guidance from a positive role model to encourage their personal character development and academic success in the security industry.  Many students excel nicely in both their educational programs as well as their careers with the assistance of a knowledgeable Mentor.

Mr. Blakely has so generously offered his time and energy to assist others.  If you are interested please contact

Curtis R. Blakely, Ph.D., CSSM

Faculty, Security and Criminal Justice


Having started at a most entry level position within the security industry, I have worked my way up the corporate ladder.  I have tips, guidance, and direction that might assist you as well.  Allow me to share my experience and provide mentoring to you.

Contact Tinale Bradley at:  Tinale.bradley@hotmail.com

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We are currently seeking to recruit new mentors into our program. If you are interested and believe you would be a great role model for future students, please contact us HERE. Thank you for supporting the IFPO.

Enjoy your studies!