IFPO Objectives

The International Foundation for Protection Officers is committed to these objectives:

  • Provide education and certification to security officers in the United States of America, Canada, and throughout the world.
  • Develop and maintain security training standards that improve the quality of job performance of security officers.
  • Establish standards of ethics for security officers and to encourage adherence to these standards.
  • Fund research projects that will further educational opportunities for security officers.
  • Conduct seminars and other educational projects to enhance the continuing education of security guards.
  • Improve the public perception and awareness of the duties and responsibilities of security guards.
  • Enhance the knowledge and education of security officers through the publication of periodicals, security training textbooks and security officer information bulletins.
  • Encourage security officers to strive for high levels of career achievement and gain a broader understanding of the principles of asset protection in the interest of the public, clients and employees.
  • Affiliate with universities, colleges and security professionals in the private and public security sectors for the purpose of furthering education and certification opportunities for and security guards.
  • Encourage cooperation between the public and private security organizations and recognized law enforcement agencies for greater understanding and appreciation of the benefits that can be realized from this joint effort.

IFPO Tenet: Professionalism through Education

The IFPO was founded by Ron Minion, a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and owner of a large Canadian contract business. Minion was steadfast in his belief that protection officers needed to be properly screened, trained and uniformed, and in 1988 he founded IFPO after selling his agency. He served as its Executive Director until 1992, and was succeeded by Sandi Davies, who has held the office ever since.