About Digital Credentialing

The International Foundation for Protection Officers' newly-established relationship with credential.net allows members and graduates the digital space to store any credentials -- IFPO certificates and memberships, other diplomas, degrees -- in an organized and secure home.

A few things to know:

-- The platform is easy to update and enables the IFPO to add credibility to your profile each time you update your skills or qualifications.

-- This unique, new process will also allow you to review expiration dates of certifications as well as memberships.

-- All current members (and graduates) will be provided the ability to store their digital credentials free-of-charge by the IFPO.

-- If you prefer paper-based credentials from the IFPO, they are still available, along with uniform pins, at bundled prices.

"Digital certificates include a QR code where recruiters, employers, and clients can verify the status and validity of credentials"

Please visit our Q & A as it relates to this new robust offering.

Why Go Digital?

- Certification is a “Public Statement of Competency”,

- Digital credentialing (DC) has been around for a few years,

- Most professional organizations and associations currently use them,

- ISO 17024 compatible,

- IFPO Board Approved

- Easy to verify, impossible to tamper with.

- Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world

- Accurate records


Digital certificates and badges are the online equivalent of paper-based credentials.

The IFPO is working with Accredible which is a leading credentialing organization.

Examples of credentials are:

  • University degrees
  • Completion certificate's for online courses
  • Certificate's of attendance from a conference or event
  • Certificate's for collecting a certain amount of points from a professional association.

Graduates and Members/Recipients

Recipients are individuals who receive credentials or acquire membership from the IFPO via the Accredible platform.

  • Graduates and Members do not pay to use the Accredible platform
  • Graduates and Members  use Accredible to view, share and manage their credentials through our domaincredential.net

Employers and Potential Employers

Employers and potential employers may view the graduate or students credentials to verify the achievement or skill that credential and membership status is associated with.