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Visit the International Foundation for Protection (IFPO) Education Center offering your course(s) at

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Dear PROCTOR for Student/Candidate:

The following candidate/candidates have successfully completed all the initial aspects of the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) course and are now requesting to take the final supervised examination. Because of your commitment to professionalism we feel confident that you are an excellent choice to be an exam proctor.

It is vitally important that we take all possible steps to preserve the integrity of the IFPO programs. Your co-operation and assistance is greatly appreciated and your contribution will further enhance security professionalism.

Here is the information needed to access the online exam:

Web site:




Would you please be kind enough to contact the student to arrange a time and place to complete the final exam.

Proctor Guidelines:

  1. Please perform a “System Check” PRIOR to the examination.  No login is required to do so.  Navigate to
  2. No books, cell phones, personal computers or other aids to be taken into testing area.
  3. Maximum time: 4 hours.
  4. A washroom break is allowed after the first hour of the exam.
  5. A Proctor Verification (the completion certificate for the exam) must be completed at the end of the exam once successfully mastered. Please send to IFPO. The student should provide a stamp or prepaid courier envelope if you so require.
  6. A faxed copy of the Verification form is permissible if the original is sent by mail.

If there are any problems during the examination, please call Customer Support directly at:

  • (855) 777-8031 (option 2)  (U.S. toll free)
  • (850) 475-4000 (option 2) (Local/International)

Calling from the examination workstation will facilitate re-starting the examination.

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If you have any questions, please contact 1-800-261-6248 (U.S. toll free), (850) 475-4000 (option 2) (local/International), or Our Customer Support team will be happy you assist you!

Thank you for your kind assistance.