IFPO Security Research Project Results are Now Available!

We are excited to announce that the Full Release of the Security Research Project is now available!
To learn more about this groundbreaking endeavor, please visit the link here. 

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Industry Quotes

Read a few quotes from members of the industry and their insights on the results of this research project.

This important project provides insights into the competency of frontline security staff, a much under-researched topic. While for supporters of the value of security the research reveals encouraging findings, it also highlights areas which need urgent attention.’

Dr. Martin Gill

This research identifies and supports the fact that security officers have complex jobs which are misunderstood and often minimized.  The tasks they perform require more understanding and support from their clients and employers. 

 Dr. Glen Kitteringham M.Sc., CPP

This research project has been needed for a long time.  That single security officer working alone at a post, or a small team working a shift has insights that management can only assume.  Now evidence has been collected and put into a wonderful read collecting vital demographic data and issues facing first responding security.  An important report, performed by an academic, of our industry. 

Joe McDonald, CPP, PSP, CMAS

The current study addresses gaps in the Security body of knowledge, while raising additional questions worthy of further inquiry. The results of this research should be required reading for those involved with managing frontline officers as well as training in any capacity.  

Linda F. Florence, PhD., CPP

This innovative research answers questions we have needed in the security industry for a long time.  It is especially relevant given the critical need for excellent security professionals given the vulnerabilities companies and industries are all facing and with employment challenges.  This research will aid in recruitment, retention and Security officer development to enhance this industry through its human resources.

Bonnie Michelman, CPP, CHPA

Times change and we also must change to stay ahead of the curve another reason why this project is so important.

Lawrence J. Fennelly CPOI, CSSM