The profession to serve and protect as a law enforcement officer is not just a job, it is a calling; the men and women who don the uniform every day do so with a deep desire to improve their communities. They leave their families hoping to see them again at the end of their shift, but sadly, that doesn't always happen and those who are called to be law enforcement officers know this. Yet they do it anyway.

Security professionals and police are bound together. Many times, security officers are the first on the scene and must relate information to police and work with them to respond to an incident. Although security officers' objectives are often hyper-focused on a client's directives, it is possible the two work together congruently. There are police officers who have been security officer and vice versa. There are even police officers who work security jobs part-time. The link between the two is indelible.

This week, we respect, honor and remember them during National Police Week and thank them for their service.


Here's a little more about the week from its website: 

Founded in 1984, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is dedicated to telling the story of American Law Enforcement and making it safer for those who serve.

A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Washington, DC, the Memorial Fund built and continues to maintain the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial—the nation’s monument to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. The Memorial Fund is a principal organizer of the National Police Week observance each May and hosts a Candlelight Vigil each May 13th to honor all fallen officers. In addition, the Memorial Fund maintains the largest, most comprehensive database of line-of-duty officer deaths, conducts research into officer fatality trends and issues, and serves as an information clearinghouse.

More recently, the Memorial Fund has built the National Law Enforcement Museum, adjacent to the Memorial in Washington, DC. The Museum tells the story of American law enforcement through exhibits, collections, research and education.

The Memorial Fund is governed by a Board of Directors representing 15 of the most prestigious law enforcement organizations in the country. In addition, four major corporate partners serve on the Board of Directors including Motorola, Police Unity Tour, Verizon, and DuPont. The Memorial Fund’s dedicated staff members bring diverse backgrounds and skills to the organization’s mission. The Memorial Fund does not receive taxpayer dollars for its day-to-day operations, but relies on the generous contributions of the public.

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