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Winter and Holiday Fire Safety Checklist

• Inspect holiday lights and extension cords for damage.
• Don’t overload electrical outlets or extension cords.
• If purchasing a natural Christmas tree, check for freshness to minimize fire hazard of dry needles.
• Place tree and decorations far away from any heat sources.
• Keep lighted candles away from combustibles or use flame-less battery-operated type.
• Extinguish any lit candles before leaving the room or the
house for an extended period of time and before going to bed.


• Don’t leave cooking food unattended.
• Test smoke alarms and tell family and guests your home escape plan. • Ask smokers to smoke outside and keep lighters &
matches out of reach of children.
• Keep pets and children away from any lit candles.


Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety
• Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every month.
• Be sure that fireplaces and chimneys have been inspected and cleaned by a professional.
• Put fireplace ashes in a non-combustible container outdoors.
• Keep space heaters 3 feet away from any combustibles and follow manufacturer’s recommendations for temporary use.


• One of every three home Christmas tree fires are caused by electrical problems.
• Almost half of all home decoration fires are started by candles.
• Unattended cooking is the leading cause of U.S. home fires and home fire injuries.

Information compiled by Lawrence J. Fennelly, CPOI, CSSM and Marianna A. Perry, M.S., CPP, CPOI
Information Provided by National Fire Protection Administration (NFPA)