Exit Assessment

The International Foundation for Protection Officer's (IFPO) is proud to offer a hands' on Exit Assessment Examination to go hand in hand with our written Certified Protection Officer's Challenge.

IFPO is offering this examination to meet the demands of business and industry leaders and educational specialists that have been respected by clients from the inception of IFPO.

This examination goes along with IFPO's current Protection Officer's Training textbook, and is adapted to meet the demands that the industry is requiring of all new and seasoned security officers. Naturally, this has been created with assistance of business and industry leaders, and IFPO, and has been designed to meet the specifications of a broad base of public and private security and educational needs.

As with the Certified Protection Officer Final Challenge, those people successfully completing the hands on test will receive a Certificate of Completion from the IFPO and a letter of congratulations. All scores will be kept on file at our office in Naples, Florida. The certification will be good for a period of two years from the date taken unless the officer is: employed on a full or a part time basis; enrolled at an accredited college in a criminal justice program or serving in the military. Proof of the aforementioned will be required by IFPO to maintain the certification as current.

This program is brand new and is currently endorsed by the Criminal Justice Studies/Technical Education Career Instructors (CJS/TECI) Association of New York State.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sandi Davies, Executive Director
International Foundation for Protection Officers

Program Fee: $46.00

Available in Adobe Acrobat Format. Click to Download The Program Now
Program fee due when program paperwork is turned in for evaluation.

Shipping and handling charges may apply

Exit Assessment Form

Please click here to review and fill-out the Exit Assessment form. These sheets and all corresponding paperwork and materials must be returned to
The International Foundation for Protection Officers for scoring and evaluation.