Educational Institution Membership

Educational Institution Membership is designed to benefit educators and students at all levels.  High Schools, and all post secondary educational institution including colleges and universities may implement the IFPO programs into their various departments.  Vocational schools including  the Job Corps have utilized the IFPO programs and services in the past with great success.

After implementation and the successful delivery of the IFPO programs often job placement may occur and the beginning of career enhancement may begin.

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IFPO Educational Institution Members receive exclusive benefits:

  • 10% discount on all IFPO programs and services.
  • Full access to complete instructional tools such as lesson plans, power points, practice quizzes.
  • Administrative support with enrollment, class allocation lists, testing and completion recognition, transcripts.
  • Your listing on the IFPO website with a direct link to your website.
  • Authorization to use "Official IFPO Educational Institution Membership along with the IFPO logo on all promotional material, letterhead and business cards.
  • Press Release/Announcements distribution to our IFPO Members via our broadcast email.
  • IFPO Educational Institution Membership Certificate.
  • Access to our Instructors Blog where you can network with other instructors and share experiences and best techniques and tools to achieve the best possible success rate for your program?
  • Our valued IFPO Educational Institution Members will receive "State of the Art" digital credentials.

Educational Institution membership to IFPO is $350.00. Educational Institution membership renewal is $175.00 per year.

Educational Membership

IFPO Educational Membership (for 12 months, based on date of enrollment) $350.00

IFPO Educational Membership Renewal $175.00

Hard Copy Certificate

Description Cost Quantity
Hard Copy Certificate and Pin $10.00

IFPO Membership Plaque & Accessories

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