The purpose of the IFPO Ambassador Program is to engage the skill, talent, energy and commitment of  Foundation supporters.  On a regular basis we receive unsolicited offers to assist the IFPO in reaching our ‘Goals and Objectives”.  The IFPO Ambassador Program will allow us to harness and direct the goodwill of selected supporters by ‘invitation only’.  These Ambassadors will provide us with additional resources that will allow us to bring some critical  projects to fruition.

Terry Arenault, CSSM, CPOI, CPO, CD

Brian Baker

Tarquin Beguesse

Brian Bugge, M.A., CPP, CHPA, CPOI

Hemant R. Chalke, CPOI

Mary Chalupka

Nicholas Dodd CPP CPOI

Robert C. Edmunds, CPOI, CSSM, CHS-III, CMAS

Erik Erickson

Tony Garcia, CPOI

Garbeau Gina

Col. Kamal Goswami, (Veteran) SF, CIOps(I), CAT, CPOI

David Griggs

David Halcovitch, Ms©, BA, CPOI

Christopher W. Havran, CPOI, Ato, EMSI, EMT

Howard A. Johnston, CPOI, CMAS, PSM, CEPS

Robert Lancaster, CPO, CPOI

Bob Lange

Kari Leighton

Steven Lui

Mike Maenner

William Maxwell, PPS, CPOI, CORCI, CEFI

Jack Milazzo

Cornelis Olijslagers, CPOI, Msc, DBA

Angelique Marie Pass CHSSO, CPO, CSSM, CPOI

Samuel Pettway

Benn Ramnarine, MA, CHPP, CSSM, CPOI

Dennis Shepp, MBA, CPP, PCI, CFE, CPOI

Anit Singh, CPO, CPOI

Gaby (Gabriela) Tapu, CPO, CPOI

Joop Verdonk CPP CPOI ATO

Rolland GENE  Watson, CPO,CPOI,CSSM

Phillip J. Wright, CHS-V, CPOI, CMAS

For additional information please contact:

Sandi J. Davies
Executive Director
International Foundation for Protection Officers
1250 Tamiami Trail, Suite 206
Naples, FL 34102
239-430-0534   (Fax) 239-430-0533